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Meet our Team

Heather Musgrove

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nurse and Midwife who specializes in holistic, individualised care through diet, lifestyle and nutritional therapy. 

Heather treats clients of all ages and conditions including - weight management,  stress management, chronic health conditions including hormonal imbalances and detoxification. 

Heather has been providing health advice for over 14 years.  Studying Nursing in Mildura, Midwifery in Melbourne, Naturopathy/Herbalism/Nutrition in Queensland and Functional Medicine in the USA.   

Heather is also a qualified Metabolic Balance Coach and is helping her clients achieve their current and future health goals with this proven nutrition plan.

Heather also qualified as a yoga teacher in 2023 in Goa, India and is running weekly Yin Yoga classes at Live Well

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Alicia Bainbridge

Qualified Reflexologist, Indian Head Massage Therapist, Hopi Ear Candling Specialist and Pilates Practitioner,

Alicia has a holistic overview of the body and is passionate about health, she found her way into Alternate Health Therapy by looking for her own “Ideal Wellness” and is still enthusiastically chasing her goals of “Optimal Overall Health” and on her journey is helping others find their way too.

Reflexology - treating through pressure point release

Indian Head Massage - treating through tension release

Hopi Ear Candling - unblocking pathways through the ears

Rehabilitative Pilates Practitioner - treating through movement that heals

Meditation Facilitator - guiding spiritual and physical well-being through the power of breath and mindfulness

Rose Griffiths

A busy Mum of 2 with a passion for health and wellness foundations from the ground up, growing produce on her NSW property using organic and sustainable principles.  Currently completing a Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine with a view to expanding her knowledge to Naturopathy and the near future.

As well as qualifications in Office and Business administration, Rose has already completed certificates in Nutrition, Wholefoods, Aromatherapy, Wellness Coaching and Natural Health.

Rose is a qualified Metabolic Balance Coach consulting in house and via Zoom as well as our part-time receptionist.

Tanya Fox
Peta Cooper

As a Kundalini Yoga instructor Peta's journey has allowed her to study internationally and domestically under some of the world’s most respected Kundalini and Healing Masters. It has been an incredible practice for clearing grief and has taken her on a journey of true transformation: physically, mentally and emotionally.

After spending almost 25 years in the corporate space, balancing a career and family, Peta found a better way to have it all.  Not just about finding a better balance, but about creating a happier, healthier version of self that started from within. 

Peta warmly invites you to share the practice of Kundalini Yoga with her

Louella McCarthy

After recently relocating from Byron Bay, it is with deep purpose and intention that has inspired Louella’s passion for energy work: honouring the mind-body connection and coherence with the sub-conscious mind to release what no longer serves and align with our highest potential.  

Louella is an Ox* Gen Breath Movement Breathwork Therapist and 200 Hr Yoga Teacher (Trauma Informed.) She is also studying Kinesiology and Yin Yoga.

The infinite power of the Breath can bring forth incredible insights and benefits to all areas of health; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Louella is deeply inspired to guide others to harness the beautiful light we all have within us and empower the innate intelligence within to heal. 

Christine Lucas

Christine Lucas is a Natural Therapist who utilises Computer Electro Dermal Scanning (CEDS), a method that uses the measurement of frequencies, to determine the body’s function and health. 

A CEDS scan is focused on finding the right remedy to assist your own body rebalancing itself, and along with the computer database, allows Christine to identify a personal remedy for your health circumstances.

Christine has qualification's in nursing, welfare and completed her Certificate in Naturopathy in April 2020

She gained an interest in Bio-Energetic Medicine after receiving treatment and was inspired by her own health improvements after years of searching for support. 

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Kale Live Well.jpg
Kale the Dog

Kale is a very loving, very co-dependant and loves human company.  Kale shares her working week between Live Well and Coffee Group because she cannot bear to be home alone.

Kale will often want to jump on your lap and share her love and she seems to know exactly who needs this.  She loves kids but is a little wary if they are boisterous as she has grown up as a ‘only child’ – so kids please approach her slowly and then she will love to play with you.

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