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Client Before and After 6 weeks of Naturopathic care for face and back acne.

Very happy client!

"I found the Shake It program was great it works really well I feel so much better just losing the 5kgs and suits my lifestyle and yes I will be continuing the program.  I have at least 10 more kilos to go which I think I can achieve but I am not putting a timeline on it I will celebrate each kg as it comes off and I will reward myself at every 5kg lost that is a good incentive for me."  

 Nat, Mildura 2020


Case:  34 year old man with severely broken down skin, unstable type 2 diabetes, frequent nose bleeds, gut issues, brain fog and fatigue

3 months of Naturopathic Care – Skin healed, no nose bleeds, blood sugar levels stable, energy and brain fog resolved and all gut symptoms gone.

"Heather is an amazing practitioner with an absolute wealth of knowledge. She is kind, caring and she is genuinely interested in her clients' concerns, physical/mental health and their life in general. I felt like she truly wanted the best for me. My health concerns in which I consulted Heather are starting to resolve with her advice and treatment. I am so glad that I met Heather, she is a wonderful asset to the Mildura region and I would recommend her 100% to anyone needing her service. Thank you Heather!" 

Bridgett, Mildura 2021

"This program (shake it) has allowed me to get back on track physically which has provided me with wonderful weight loss results & emotionally made me the happiest I’ve felt in months.

I’m now in my 13th week working from home & this program has us as a family all involved (not much else to do in lockdown).

For my family the key to this program is meal planning, strict shopping list & to buy only what’s on the list & good food prep.

Experimenting with the meals has been very exciting with as many of them now staple meals we rotate fortnightly.

Moving forward I’m all set to stay focused & content with the program.  My diet is stable with no impulse eating at all."

Michelle, Mildura 2020

"I have written this testimonial to express my gratitude for how Heather has changed my life I have used steroid creams visited countless specialists spent  thousands of dollars over the past 25 years on just my skin but that was just band aiding a underlying problem Heather suggested a few small changes in my diet and told me to avoid a couple of things gave me a hand full of natural medicine not only has my skin cleared to 100% but my moods and energy levels have changed drastically. 

Thank you Live Well"

Ryan, Mildura 2019

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