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Labyrinths are used world-wide as a way to quiet the mind, recover balance in life, encourage meditation, insight, reflection and promote stress reduction

Join Kate Keetley on the 1st Tuesday of every Month at 10am.  This event is FREE 

Bring an open mind and a peaceful
heart. Place your crystal with your

For more information call
Kate on 0417 132 254


Moving Forward from Confusion to Clarity
with Kate Keetley
* Workshop 4 *


Workshop 4: Presented by Kate Keetley Kinesiologist


Mental Stress levels have risen for us all lately as life in a world changed by COVID natural disasters and conflict evolves.


In workshop 4 workshop will focus on


Understanding the importance of innate movement patterns to brain development

and how retained reflexive movement patterns can impact our ability to think clearly.

Explaining how targeted movements can create new, efficient and accessible neural

pathways in the brain for clear thinking and mindful living. 

Noticing how intellectual stress may manifest in our bodies creating over thinking and or brain fog

Exploring how to use Brain Gym® Rhythmic Movement Training® other movements and activities to balance our thought patterns, allowing us to Move Forward with Clarity.

Along the way we will review

  • A simple technique for switching on all areas of our brain

  • The importance of staying positive and doing our best

  • Three important parts of our brain and how they may affect our behavior

  • Personalizing our goals to make what we want abundantly clear

Book on the Live Well site:  www.live-well.com.au  or contact

Kate Keetley:    0417 132 254    Email:  livingmadeeasy@bigpond.com

Workshop 1 or a Moving Forward individual consultation is prerequisite

for attending workshops 2, 3&4 which may be taken in any order



Kate Keetley:    0417 132 254    Email:  livingmadeeasy@bigpond.com

Presenter: Kate Keetley - Kinesiologist

When: Sunday July 7th 2022, 10am-12.30pm

Venue: Live Well Mildura, 107 Riverside Ave 

Cost: $99

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Vasta Vision Event - Last Chance!!

A life-transforming 3 days with internationally-renowned Mind Power, performance and success coach to make your career and life SOAR!

The Vision Event will give you the direction and clarity to achieve your goals and the lifestyle you desire with incredible ease. 

This is the last time this event will be held so if you have been thinking about doing it, be sure to book early as places are limited.

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life


​3 Full Days: 7th, 8th & 9th October, 2022

Venue: Live Well Mildura, 107 Riverside Ave

Cost: $895 (includes; lunch, refreshments, manual/workbook and Graduation Certificate) 

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