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Most of us have ideas of what we want in life right? We have ideas on what to be, what to do, where to go … but if action isn’t taken, they remain just that: ideas!
This is the time to take action, step into the life you want in 2024! Our half day workshop will help provide you with purpose and focus to visualise and map our roads for 2024!
Using the powerful tools of vision boards, the law of attraction and visualisation we will work together to anchor your dreams into your mind and allow the magic of manifestation to work for you. 
From this workshop you will have and take home with you:

  • Personalised vision board – made by you

  • Small goodie bag from us.

  • Tips and strategies for adding meditation into your life.

  • Renewed feelings of connection and energy towards your goals.

  • Feel prepared, empowered, motivated and inspired to create an amazing 2024.

  • Share and connect with like minded people.

  • Learn from industry professionals about what we do.

When:  Saturday 10th February 

Time:    8.30am - 1.30pm

***Morning tea included ***


Are you wondering where to hold your next event ???

Look no further, we hire space for events and workshops!
That's right, you can hold your event inside our gorgeous character 140 year old
building including a yoga room and beautiful outdoor spaces.

For information about where you could hold your next event:

call us on 0484 011 999 or

email your enquiries to


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