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Kale the dog

Jug (Jack Russell x Pug)

Kale Live Well.jpg

Kale is a very loving, very co-dependant and loves human company.  Kale shares her working week between Live Well and Coffee Group because she cannot bear to be home alone.

Did you know that a dog helps lower stress levels and improves mood? They also help stabilise blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

In fact, the power of pets as healers is now so widely recognised that many major public institutions now have therapy dogs

Did you know pet owners:

  • On average, they have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure

  • Recover more quickly from illness and surgery and deal better with stress

  • Are less likely to be lonely

  • Visit the doctors less often and use less medication

Kale will often want to jump on your lap and share her love and she seems to know exactly who needs this.  She loves kids but is a little wary if they are boisterous as she has grown up as a ‘only child’ – so kids please approach her slowly and then she will love to play with you.

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