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Take control of your future!

Most of us have ideas of what we want in life right?

We have ideas on what to be, what to do, where to go … but if action isn’t taken, they remain just that: ideas!

This is the time to take action, step into the life you want!

Our vision board and goal setting workshop helps to provide purpose and focus to visualise and map out roads for the future.

Usually offered at the start of every calendar year as in person workshop, we are now offering a digital version for those who would like to take the reins on their goal setting.
Using the powerful tools of vision boards, the law of attraction and visualisation we anchor your dreams into your mind and allow the magic of manifestation to work for you. 


From this program you will have:

  • Tips and strategies for adding meditation into your life.

  • Renewed feelings of connection and energy towards your goals.

  • Feel prepared, empowered, motivated and inspired to create an amazing future.

Covering topics such as:

  • How to create your vision board

  • Programming your vision

  • Making your own "movie of the mind'

  • Meditation Tips and Tricks

  • How to use affirmation cards


Digital Program includes:

  • Access to how to introduce vision boards and goal setting in to your life

  • Creation and programming your vision for manifestation

  • How to utilise tools to follow your intuition and bring your dreams to life.

Cost $49

Digital Program PLUS project kit:

The wealth of information included in the digital programme plus you get

  • A project book to help map out your goals

  • A deck of affirmation cards including an instructional booklet

Cost $99

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