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Mind Reset
For acheiving your wellness goal

Here at Live Well, we are lucky to utilise our internationally accredited Louise Hay Trainer, with Lyndsie Storer to facilitate a 6-week course to help reset your mental programs around food. 

Young Dietitian

As many of us know, eating healthier foods and exercising can lead to weight loss. What we also know is that support and mindset is equally as important.


Mind Reset is a 6-week program designed to help dissolve mindset barriers, bring awareness to habits that may cause you to slip back into old ways, as well as support, empower and celebrate the wonderful being you are.


Your ‘Why’ is incredibly powerful, it is going to ensure you continually keep on track. It could be a weight loss goal, a clothes size goal, you could want to feel healthier, or be more energetic but more than anything it is about how it is going to make you feel. 


During the 6-week program we focus on what we need to change within ourselves ‘’now’’ to make us feel like we are going to feel when we reach our personal goal.  When we celebrate the feeling now, we then make conscious decisions ‘today’ to learn to love the journey towards our goal, with beneficial food, exercise, and mindset choices.


Let's learn to treat ourselves and our bodies with the love and
espect we deserve and support each other along the way.  


Let us walk this journey with you!


Priced at an incredible $250 per person

Start date is dependent on registration numbers, so register your interest now!

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