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Deb Othams

Deborah has worked across many Government and Non Government departments using Social Work theories and models for the past 35 or more years.  Throughout her career she has been described as having a caring nature, who is supportive and humorous when guiding you through your challenges or life journey.

More recently Deborah has been studying and exploring other perceived non traditional modalities that are becoming more popular due to their non invasive and proven quick techniques.  These modalities (Reiki, Access Consciousness, Theta Healing and more recently Spinal Flow) often address complaints that modern medicine is not able to because it takes into account the whole being and not just the physical symptoms.

She has been active within the community and sports and continues to play sport locally.  She is also a keen crafter producing quilts, felted items and other textile projects for sale and exhibitions.

If you are ready for your transformation, and you want to work with someone who is caring and supportive of your change then this is an invitation to you to step beyond your current realities and discover the magic of these healing modalities.




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