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Emma-Jane Lush

Registered Nurse and currently studying Naturopathy

Qualified Metabolic Balance Coach

Emma-Jane, also known as EJ, is a local mum of a toddler and two American Staffys.

She is currently studying Naturopathy and has a decade of experience as a Registered Nurse. Personal and professional experiences have shaped her passion for a natural and holistic approach to wellbeing.

Emma-Jane loves sipping coconut lattes, picnics, whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen and learning all about natural healing.

Emma-Jane is devoted to supporting others on their wellness journey. 

Emma-Jane is a qualified Metabolic Balance Coach consulting in house and via Zoom. 

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Booking an appointment:

Bookings with Emma-Jane Lush – Metabolic Balance- For first time bookings please select Initial Consult.  If you have already had your Metabolic Plan delivered select Review Consult.

For Zoom bookings please select either the Online Initial Consult or the Online Review Consult.

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