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Reflexologist and Pilates Practitioner.

Hi All,

My name is Alicia Bainbridge.

I am a passionate Reflexologist and an engaging Pilates Practitioner.

Reflexology derives from an ancient Chines approach to aid the body in “healing itself”. This means messaging the appropriate pressure points on your hands and feet (these points are mirrored all over the body – reflections) I can open up free flowing energy channels to assist in relaxation, releasing the body from issues such as everyday stress right through to constant migraines or back pain and aid in easing Anxiety. With the release of feelgood endorphins like dopamine will help flush out the toxins of the body to assist with better sleeping and daily drowsiness.

Over all, each anatomical structure is reflected on your hands and feet (smaller mirror images of your body as a hole) making these points more accessible to me as your Reflexologist.

Following on with free-flowing movement Pilates is a great way to assist with the correct spinal alignment and core strength. Gaining core strength and self-confidents in the way your induvial body moves will assist you in better posture and less discomfort in daily movement with tasks such as picking up your child, shifting boxes at work or just enjoying the activity of gardening.

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