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Kate Keetley

Kinesiology Professional Practitioner 
Brain Gym® Consultant/Instructor
Rhythmic Movement Training Provider / Instructor
Touch For Health Consultant
Heart- Centred Meditation Provider
Labyrinth Keeper 


Developer of:
The Moving Forward Series … see below 
Finding our Centre 1 & 2

A word from Kate:

"I am an unlikely poster girl for Kinesiology but I am grateful every day for this life changing work and my ability to share my understandings as a Kinesiology Professional Practitioner.  As a dyslexic, overly active child (1950’s) life and learning were difficult and exhausting. My atypical neurology left me stuck in an unproductive loop, until studying kinesiology made me able to access the power of movement that made changes in my brain. So, in 2001 I began my wonderful journey from effort to ease, fear to freedom and confusion to clarity. 

Today I share information and movements from Brain Gym, Rhythmic Movement Training, Touch for Health and my own work in private consultations, personal development workshops and accredited Kinesiology training. I look forward to working with you and your loved ones."

NDIS Registered Clients Applicable. See our Events Page for upcoming course dates and times.


Moving Forward Series:

Workshop 1

Moving Forward with Affirmation and Action

Are you ready to make changes in your life to release yourself from the unproductive loop that is holding you back from achieving your goals?

Under stress, are you able to?

  • Move with comfort and Ease

  • Feel Positive and free to enjoy life

  • Think with understanding and clarity

Work with Brain Gym®, kinesiology techniques and your own special movements to allow ease, freedom and clarity to move forward as you achieve your goals large and small

In this workshop we will create a Make a plan that will help to:

- Release tight muscle and tendons

- Balance worry and anxiety

- Clear brain fog and overthinking

Workshop 2

Moving Forward from Effort to Ease:

Balancing Physical Stress

Take a deeper look at how to reduce the symptoms of physical stress

Does your body allow you to move easily and freely when doing every day tasks?

Where there is chronic stress in our lives there is a constant activation of the TENDON GUARD REFLEX which causes contracted and tense muscles in the:

  • Thighs, calves, ankles, feet and hips

  • The whole spine

  • The neck, head, shoulders, arms and hands

Explore how to use Brain Gym®, Rhythmic Movement Training®,  kinesiology techniques and your own special movements to soften and relax tight muscles

Workshop 3

Moving Forward from Fear to Freedom

Balancing Emotional Stress

It's often mental health issues based around anxiety and worry that frustrate our attempts to Move Forward and achieve our goals

In this workshop we focus on noticing how emotional stress may manifest in our bodies

Understanding the importance of the Fear Paralysis and Moro Reflex to brain development, staying positive and achieving stable mental health.

Fear Paralysis Reflex causes us to:

  • Freeze-Lack energy

  • Hold our breath: breathe in and not breathe out again

  • Be quiet, shy, anxious

  • Be fearful about the future

Moro Reflex causes us to:

  • Fight or flee - unable to calm down

  • Hold our breath: breathe out and not breathe in again

  • Be loud, aggressive and controlling

  • Worry about the past which often leads to depression

Explore how to use Brain Gym®, Rhythmic Movement Training®,  other movements and activities to calm or re-energise the emotional centres of our brain

Workshop 4

Moving Forward with Confusion to Clarity

Balancing Mental Stress

Takes a deeper look at what you can do to reduce over thinking and brain fog

Under stress can you think clearly and easily translate your thoughts into actions to complete everyday tasks and projects?

If you have retained neck reflexes you may experience:

  • General weakness in the upper body

  • Tight muscles in the neck and shoulders

  • Difficulty finding things

  • Poor sense of direction....easily gets lost

  • Poor balance....fear of heights

  • Stooped posture....looks down

  • Motion sickness....dizziness

  • Find sitting in one position uncomfortable

  • Issues with eye hand co-ordination....visual disturbances

  • Issues with reading, writing and spelling

Explore how to use Brain Gym®, Rhythmic Movement Training®,  other movements to promote clear positive thinking in any situation 


Seated Meditation for Beginners

It is acknowledged that it takes 6 weeks to create a new habit.

Welcome the new Spring season by joining a small group of beginners to explore practical, simple meditation practice.

No experience, special skills, clothing or equipment required.  All that is needed is an open mind and a desire to take steps toward creating a happier, healthier you.

During our time together I will explain and introduce core meditation practices which we can use daily to still the body and calm the mind, empowering us to feel at peace within.
Each course includes:

•    6 X 1-hour meditation classes working with a small group of likeminded individuals 
•    Meditation technique notes 
•    Session outlines
•    A reflection journals
•    A programable quartz crystal
•    A set of Mala beads .

NDIS Registered Clients Applicable. See our Events Page for upcoming course dates and times.

Our Labyrinth

Kate has had a lifetime attraction to labyrinths and loves to share her extensive knowledge of their history and purpose.
As a community service Kate offers a free monthly labyrinth walk and informative talk which includes sharing the Greek myth of Ariadne: Mistress of the Labyrinth.

Please register with reception for these free events on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 1pm  

Kate Keetley.jpg

For any further details contact: 

Kate Keetley:    0417 132 254


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