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Kate Keetley

Brain Gym® trainer and kinesiologist

Keeper of the Labyrinth

Kate has had a lifetime attraction to labyrinths and loves to share her extensive knowledge on the history and purpose of labyrinths.

Kate offers a free monthly labyrinth walk and informative talk including sharing the Greek mythology history of the Mistress of the Labyrinth – Goddess Ariadne

These sessions are the first of the month at 1.00pm.  Please register with reception to attend these free events.  

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Kate is also a Brain Gym® trainer and kinesiologist her work is based on generational lived experience of working with Autism Spectrum Disorder, mental health issues and learning difficulties.

With over 40 years experience in the education sector, more than 15 years and 2000+ hours of Kinesiology training, Kate has a deep sense of connection to spirit and heart centered practice.

Kate is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise about how Brain Gym®  and educational Kinesiology can be used to support people of all ages, to access their abilities and reach their full potential throughout their lives.

Moving Forward Series:


Workshop 1

Moving Forward with Affirmation and Action

Under stress? Can you:

  • Move with comfort and Ease

  • Feel Positive and free to enjoy life

  • Think with understanding and clarity

Work with Brain Gym®, kinesiology techniques and your own special movements to allow ease, freedom and clarity to move forward as you achieve your goals large and small

Make a plan that will help to:

- Release tight muscle and tendons

- Balance worry and anxiety

- Clear brain fog and overthinking

Workshop 2

Moving Forward with Effort to Ease

Details to be added.....

Workshop 3

Moving Forward with Fear to Freedom

Details to be added.....

Workshop 4

Moving Forward with Confusion to Clarity

Details to be added.....

For any further details contact:                                   Or head to events page for upcoming workshops:

Kate Keetley:    0417 132 254

 Email:  livingmadeeasy@bigpond.com